To deliver cement around the country, Bengal Cement Limited has highly developed distribution channel along with the earnest dealers across the country. For immediate fulfilling any kind of demand from anywhere of the country, the company maintains a robust supply-chain management towards the waterway and roadway both.


In Road Transport system, Bengal Cement Has a strong logistic capacity including 150 tracks, adequate covered vans to supply cement swiftly against the immediate demand from wherever of country. Several bulk carriers are also counted in the distribution system; which is capable to deliver cement to large infrastructures.


In Waterway Bengal Cement also has a well-built logistic capacity. It contains adequate lighter vessels and trawlers for supplying cement rapidly through the waterway.


For upholding proper and hassle-free distribution of the products within the desired time, Bengal Cement Limited has 7 additional distribution points (ghat) of its own around the country. Around 200 people are actively involved in the distribution system to ensure a smoother supply-chain management system. The company also has almost 500 sincere dealers and corporate clients around the country to fulfill the immediate demand