Bengal Cement Prime

Bengal Cement Prime classified under the CEM I 52.5 N of BDS EN 197-1:2003.

Bengal Cement Prime is produced by using high quality, Grade 1 clinker, together with specially developed additives to deliver an OPC with the highest compressive strength.This result concrete of highest strength, suitable for day-to-day applications, while reducing the amount of cement required for the job.

Technical Specifications:

BDS EN 197-1:2003, CEM I (TYPE I) 52.5N

ASTM C-595

95%0- 100%


0%0- 5%


Bengal PRIME Test Results


TestAgeASTM C109
BUET Test Report
Physical Parameters
Compressive strength (psi)3 Days17403700
Compressive strength (psi)7 Days27604900
Compressive strength (psi)28 Days40606800
Setting time (min)InitialNot less than 45130
Setting time (min)FinalNot more than 375280
Fineness (m2/ Kg)ASTM C150(280 m2/kg)230 - 240


Durable & Sound Concrete

Bengal Cement Prime produces highly durable & sound concrete due to very low percentage of Alkalizes, Chlorides, Magnesia and free line in its composition.

Corrosion Resistance

Almost negligible Chloride content results in restring corrosion structure in hostile environment.

High grade Cement

Significant saving in cement consumption while making concrete of grades M 20,M 25, M 35,M 45 and high grade concrete design also precast segment due to high strength.

High early strength in Ordinary Portland Cement class

Bengal Cement Prime achieves the required strength while simultaneously optimizing the cement content in the concrete, to offer you the maximum financial benefits in construction.

Consistent quality

Gives you the assurance of consistent quality, from the benchmarked local manufacturing facilities of Bengal Cement Prime.

Bengal Cement Prime is recommended for: 

  • Construction of concrete roads subjected to high wear and tear, with the need to deliver extended life spans.
  • Marine and water retaining structures where tougher concrete is needed to withstand severe exposure conditions, delivering extended life lengths.
  • Pre-Cast concrete to deliver high strength, superior finishes and crack free surfaces
  • Precast concrete application (bridges, beams, high strength precast elements, etc.)
  • Infrastructure projects that require high early strength

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