Bengal Cement Maxime is atype of Portland Composite Cement classified under the CEM II/A-M,42.5 N Comply with BDS EN 197-1:2003 standard.Extra strong, high performance cement that offers a range of advantages, Bengal Cement Maxime gives significant cost benefits when compared with traditional cement.

Bengal Cement Maxime optimizes a new formula enriched with high quality ingredients such as high grade clinker,engineered fly ash and specially developed additives to deliver good compressive strength, which allow us to produce the highest strength concrete in day to day practice while reducing the amount of cement required for the job.

Technical Specifications:

BDS EN 197-1:2003, CEM II/A-M ,42.5N

ASTM C-595

80%0- 94%


06%0- 20%


0%0- 5%


Bengal Maxime Test Results


TestAgeASTM C-595
BUET Test Result
Bengal Maxim
Physical Parameters
Compressive strength (psi)3 Days1890>2300
Compressive strength (psi)7 Days2900>3300
Compressive strength (psi)28 Days3620>4600
Setting time (min)Initial>45 140-160
Setting time (min)Final<420<350
Fineness (m2/ Kg)>225380


High strength for the same investment

Bengal Maxim brings an attractive cost advantage, as it lowers cement consumption in the concrete with its unique strength development characteristics. Its long lasting strength development will make your structures more strengthen even after 28 days.

Optimized construction cycles

With this unique early strength development, Bengal Cement Maxime would be highly effective in reduction of total length of theconstruction, which helps us to bring forward activities like removing of forms and allowing traffic on concrete roads.This will reduce the construction cost of the contractor while saving lots of valuable time of the client.

Low admixture and cement consumption

Structural elements having congested reinforcement steel can be easily cast by Bengal Cement Standard due to its high fluidity. It also allows earlier removal of formwork and shoring.


By using high performance Bengal Maxim cement, we can reduce the size of structural elements. It is economical and gives more space inside buildings.

Better casting and superior finish

Specially selected high-quality fly ash in Bengal Maxim helps to make concrete more flow able and easy to cast. It also helps concrete to move effectively within your form work ignoring the disturbances from reinforcement. By easily filling the form work it will highly reduce the risk of honeycombs and is also responsible for delivering a superior outer finish. The smooth outer surface drastically reduces the cost of surface finishes.

Bengal Cement Maxime is recommended for: 

  • Concrete in contact with water (water supply projects, irrigation structures, canal system, dams etc.)
  • Concrete in contact with acids.
  • Concrete dam construction
  • High rise buildings which requires more pumpability.

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