An overview of  Bengal Group of Industries

Bengal Group started its journey in 1969 by establishing country’s first plastic processing company- Bengal Plastic Ltd. Over the years, the company has successfully diversified business into electronic media, real estate, food, chemical, paper, garments and renewable energy.  Integrity, teamwork, and accountability are the core values of Bengal Group. Superior product quality, robust supply chain management and the strongest commitment to customers accelerated rapid growth of the company. To create more job opportunity as well as to contribute in present development of the nation, Bengal Group is continuing to focus on expanding its business in different sectors. It also adopted effective CSR programs to make positive impacts on the community whilst to maximize business value of the stakeholders. To fulfill the rising (local and global) demand of cement and as an aim to contribute the growing infrastructure development by provide quality building materials, Bengal Group recently expanded its scope of service to cement industry. With the tag line “Strength with Durability”, Bengal Cement is the last edition of the business of Bengal Group.

About Bengal Cement

Over the years, Bengal Group of Industries have successfully diversified their business in at least 32 sectors, where the newest edition to that is the Bengal Cement Limited. In 2018 “Bengal Cement” started its journey with the slogan “Strength with Durability”. A skilled team is associated with the company to reach the customers of home and abroad with quality cement. To produce high quality cement, it is importing world-class raw materials such as grade-one clinkers, quality fly ash, limestone, gypsum etc. from different region of the world including Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan.  With hourly 160 Metric Tons production capacity of modern ball mills, the company is able to produce 4,000 Metric Tons of quality cement per day and 1.4 Million Metric Tons per year accordingly. Bengal Cement, consistent to quality, committed to spread its outskirt market by meeting the country’s demand through adequate supply with competitive price. To fulfill the rising demand of cement and as an aim to contribute the growing infrastructure development by providing quality building materials, the brand dreams to provide innovative products and building solutions with a clear commitment to social and environmental sustainability that matches the uplifting of urbanization creating impacts on the people and the planet.